Alumni, Employability and Training cell

Training Cell: Placement Meeting and Continuation to a Ph.D.

The very first batch of graduated students was placed in 2008. Placement and Training Cell is sustained and provides complete placement solutions to the graduated students, and the EMJMD QEM has a good placement track record.
The EMJMD QEM organizes annually a Jamboree that starts with the conference "Summer Workshop in Economic Theory" (SWET) and terminates with the QEM Graduation Ceremony. These networking activities allow QEM students to discover the many facets of the Ph.D. programs in Economics and Quantitative Methods organized by the five partner universities. It also constitutes a significant occasion for all the first-year QEM students to meet with second-year QEM students,  Alumni, researchers, and experts.
The Jamboree is also directed to those interested in performing research in economics and quantitative methods and consider potential enrollment in a Ph.D. program. It brings together speakers at the frontier of research in such disciplines that belongs to the Ph.D. programs in Economics and Quantitative Methods of the partner Universities. The Jamboree also addresses how research in Economics and Quantitative Methods is conducted and why this domain is an exciting arena from the theoretical and empirical perspectives. 

Alumni Statement

As of the 13th cohort which finished in July 2019, the Master Economics QEM program has graduated 401 students from 53 countries. The full breakdown of graduates is as follows: 5 in 2007, 20 in 2008, 35 in 2009, 38 in 2010, 35 in 2011, 45 in 2012, 33 in 2013, 28 in 2014, 32 in 2015, 21 in 2016, 46 in 2017, 34 in 2018, and 29 in 2019.

Detailed information about the student's country of origin and their testimonies can be found here in Testimonies.


Examples of occupations that graduated QEM alumni attain for themselves can be provided upon request.

The vast network of QEM Associated Partners, together with the Partners and sponsors of each university of our Consortium individually, along with the Alumni Network and association, helped our graduates have high visibility with the largest players in the Job Markets:

  • 175 of the QEM graduates have found professional employment, working in companies such as: Goldman Sachs, Eurocation, Fitch Ratings India Pvt Ltd, Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago, Institute for the Economy in Transition, The World Bank, EBRD, Natixis, La  Société Générale, Thomson Reuters, Credit Sights, McKinsey&Company, Medical Transcription Billing Corporation, Credit Agricole CIB, CSO Macedonian Center for International Cooperation, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Oxford Policy Management, Neo Metrics, Deloitte, Morgan Stanley, RiskData, National Institute of Public Finance and Policy, Maple Leaf Education System, Banque de France, etc.
  • 186 of the QEM graduates have continued their education into Doctoral Programs at places such as: Toulouse School of Economics  (France), Ecole Doctorale d'Economie Panthéon Sorbonne (France), Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne (France), Université Aix-Marseille (France), ENS Cachan (France), Sciences Po (France), Université d'Evry (France), INSEAD (France), HEC (France), University of Southern California (USA), University of Michigan (USA), Stanford University (USA), University of Illinois (USA), Oxford University (UK), University of Cambridge (UK), London Business School (UK), University of Glasgow (UK), Birbeck Collège, University of London (UK), University of Bath (UK), European Doctorate in Economics - Erasmus Mundus (EDE-EM), Erasmus University (Holland), Maastricht University (Holland), VU Amsterdam (Holland), University of Amsterdam (Holland), TRC Madrid (Spain), UAB (Spain), Barcelona Graduate School of Economics (Spain), Ruhr Graduate School of Economics (Germany), Bielefeld University (Germany), University of Manheim (Germany), Humboldt University (Germany), PIK Potsdam (Germany), ETH Zurich (Switzerland), SFI at EPFL Lausanne (Switzerland), Cà Foscari (Italy), University of Turin (Italy), University of Verona (Italy), Tor Vergata Rome (Italy), Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna (Italy), EUI Florence (Italy), Bocconi (Italy), EPFL Lausanne (Switzerland), University of Zurich (Switzerland), SFI Lausanne (Switzerland), Halifax University (Canada), University Waterloo (Canada), Warsaw School of Economics (Poland), Copenhagen Business School (Denmark), UCL Louvain (Belgium), Victoria University (New Zealand), etc.
  • 19 are currently looking for a job and 21 of the Graduates have switched to other studies.