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Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degree QEM: Second Year


Objective: The second year of the Quantitative Economics Master programme is focused on specialisation courses with the objective of completing a Master's dissertation.

Second Year Courses of Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degree QEM

60 ECTS credits are required and are allocated as follows.


- 36 ECTS Credits of Scientific Courses

Second year combines core and elective courses. The core courses are offered every year. The elective courses vary by year and university.


For specific information on second year courses see the following links:


In addition, each university offers:

  • Special Topic Reading Course (up to 4 ECTS credits per year)
  • Weekly Seminars (up to 4 ECTS credits per year)



- 4 ECTS Credits of Foreign Language Courses

Each semester, students take courses in French, Italian, Polish or Spanish as a foreign language. These courses are mandatory and 2 ECTS credits are awarded for these courses, which corresponds to approximately 50 hours of language classes and cultural excursions. These courses are graded either pass or fail.



- 20 credits of Master's Dissertation

Students are required to prepare a masters dissertation during their fourth semester under the joint supervision of two advisors from the specialisation universities. Students must then defend their dissertation in front of a joint committee composed of members from both universities.