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CROUS Housing Grant for Paris Mobility


Level: the 1st and/or the 2nd year


Duration: from one to two semesters 

Awarding Body: QEM Programme


Amount: €4800.00 per year 

students who have been admitted to the QEM programme with Paris mobility are eligible to apply.

This Grant might be combined with the Consortium Scholarship.

Grant Equivalent: 
Students receive a room in a CROUS resident (where total rent is €800.00, but rent paid by students is €250.00, while QEM contributes €400.00 and Governmental help (CAF) amounts to €150.00). The high cost of the rooms and flats in Paris (starting from €800.00) makes this CROUS Housing Grant an important part of the student's budget. 


Application Process: The applicant has to send an email to the QEM Application Office ( requesting this grant.