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Using the Online Platform


1. I forget my login and password. What should I do?


If you can't recall your login or password, you can e-mail the QEM administration at



2. I can't upload my documents, is there something wrong with your system?


Two of the most common problems encountered by applicants when uploading documents to the online platform are slow internet connections and files that are too large. If you have a slow internet connection that is timing out during the uploads, you might have to go somewhere else for a faster connection. If the file is particularly large, our system will time out during the upload. Try to find a means of reducing the file size and try again.



3. Is it possible to make the application by regular mail and not online?


Applications to the programme are made exclusively online. All the required documents should be uploaded to your personal page on the online platform and validated. We do not consider any paper documents during the selection process because all partner universities are involved in this process and need convenient access to the student's profile online. The paper documents requested after selection are only used by to confirm the validity of the online documents. Thus applications submitted by regular mail will not be considered.