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Required Documents


1. How many copies of each document should be attached to my application file?


Only one copy of each required document should be uploaded to your personal page on the online platform in Portable Document Format (PDF), originals should be scanned. Each document must either be in English or be accompanied by an officially notarised English translation merged in the same PDF file.



2. How should I prepare the translation of my documents? Can I prepare it in any translating office and then notarise them there as well?


We require an officially notarised copy of each document (i.e. notarised by your educational institution, embassy/consulate, a notary, or an official translation office) plus a certified English translation. If the translation is notarised, then the copy of the original need not be notarised.



3. Should I send the paper documents by regular mail?


At the application stage, you are not required to send any documents by regular mail. Your application file will be evaluated online. If your application is successful, you will receive instructions to send the certified copies of your application documents by regular mail.

Please Note: no documents will be returned, we require certified copies only. So please do not send irreplaceable originals.