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1. My referees say they have not received an e-mail from you. Could you please send it?


The referee request is automated. The online system will e-mail your referees requesting the letter of recommendation once you have completed your online application form, made your course choice and clicked validate. If you have completed your application but not yet clicked validate, then the system is still waiting for you. Also, sometimes the e-mail is filtered by a junk mail filter, your referee should check if this is the case.


If your referee did not receive the automated e-mail, or if your referee has deleted the e-mail, then have your referee send an e-mail with "Referee for Your Name, ID number" in the subject line to the QEM administration at requesting the webpage, login, and password again.



2. My referee uploaded the letter, and I got an e-mail confirming this fact, but my personal page says it's missing. What's the problem?


On rare occasions, there has been an error during the upload from referees. The e-mail confirmation is sent automatically as soon as the referee clicks upload on the online platform, but the personal page confirmation only appears once the upload is complete. In this situation, it is best to ask your referee to re-upload the letter. If the problem persists then have your referee e-mail the QEM administration at explaining that they have attempted to upload the letter but, for whatever reason, it failed to upload.



3. My referee made a mistake in the letter. Can you delete it or can they send you a new letter?


If there is an error in the uploaded letter, then your referee can simply upload a second letter by the same method as the first, and it automatically replaces the first letter.



4. Can I change the name of my referee?


We do not change the name of your referees; even if there is no way you can get a letter from that particular referee. One possible option is to start a new application (i.e. re-register and create a new application file) and name new referees. In this case, e-mail the QEM administration at stating your new and old ID number so that we can delete your previous application.



5. Will you please remind my referee to finish my letter of recommendation?


We do not send reminders to referees. It is up to the applicant to make any necessary reminders.



6. How can my referees sign/put university letterhead on a PDF document?


If their university does not provide electronic signatures and letterhead, they should use the paper version of the letterhead, print the letter, sign it, and scan a PDF copy.



7. My professor already sent you the letter of recommendation by regular mail. Have you received it? Why is it "missing" on my online application?


We use paper copies of application documents only to confirm online copies. We will not scan the letters of recommendation and upload them ourselves, you or your referee must do this. Evaluations are based entirely on what is in your online application, not paper documents. If we have a document only in paper form, it is not included in the application file viewed by the admissions committee.