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1. In which language should I fill in the form and prepare all the documents?


All information must be in English.



2. I don't have a TOEFL certificate, but I obtained my previous degree(s) in an English-speaking country or university. Do I require a certificate of proficiency in English?


Applicants coming from an English-speaking country or having already earned a degree (or their secondary education) taught through English do not require a Certifcate of Proficiency in English. Ensure that you specify this in section D of your Curriculum Vitae when applying to the programme.



3. Which English test scores are accepted?


Recognised tests, and the minimum scores accepted by the programme, are as set out in the table here. Though we prefer TOEFL, applicants may send us other Certificates of Proficiency in English such as IELTS or the Cambridge exams.



4. I passed TOEFL some years ago. Will these results still be accepted?


The programme will accept your Certificate of Proficiency in English provided that it is no more than 5 years old, otherwise you should retake the test to obtain a more recent certificate.



5. I don't reach the minimum requirements of TOEFL. Is it possible to apply for the programme and submit the results of a new (retake) TOEFL later?


Yes it's possible to submit the Certificate of Proficiency in English later, but not later than the end of August before the first semester teaching begins. Your admission will be conditional upon the receipt of this certificate on time.