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Deadlines and Evaluation Process


1. When do I apply?


All deadlines are listed here.



2. When will I find out the result of my application?


We evaluate applications to the programme continuously. The application process begins in November and concludes in late August/early September. Applicants may get an answer before February if they have submitted their application early enough. If not, they should expect 3 weeks.



3. Can you please tell me my application status? How far along is it? I'm very worried about my application since I've heard from others that they have results already, so can you tell me mine?


As soon as your application has been evaluated and assigned a grade, it is put on your personal page and you are sent an e-mail. The admissions committee and day-to-day administration operate quite separately. The administration has no additional knowledge on your application status other than your personal page, so please do not ask us to check it for you.



4. I had an emergency, so my application/letters of recommendation will not be complete before the deadline. May I have an extension?


The deadlines are our official cut-off dates for applications to be guaranteed the fairest consideration for our programmes and scholarships. Anyone who has completed their application by our stated deadline will be considered. Applications received very shortly after the deadlines are likely to be given the same consideration, but we can no longer guarantee it. The more time that passes from the deadline, the less likely there will be remaining places or scholarships, even for excellent applicants. The best advice is to have as complete an application as possible on the day of the deadline, but do not worry if one of your referees is two days late with their letter.  So please do not hold back your application because you have one extra document you are trying to add to your CV.



5. My application is missing ... and the deadline has passed. Will my application automatically be thrown out?


Any validated application (i.e. you have uploaded all the required documents and made your course choice, and clicked "validate" on your personal page) will be evaluated by the admissions committee. After this point, missing documents might make the admissions committee reject your application, but no application is automatically thrown out if it's validated.