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 Programme Evaluation Results


1 What does an 'A' evaluation mean? Does it mean that I'm accepted by the programme regardless of my scholarship status?


An 'A' evaluation is a conditional offer. With an 'A' evaluation, you are admitted to the programme conditional upon the receipt of all the certified copies of your application documents by regular mail (see Stage 4 in the online application). Once your online application file is validated and you have confirmed your intention to enrol in the programme, you shall receive your Acceptance Letter.


An 'A' evaluation does not depend on your scholarship status. The programme application and scholarship application are evaluated separately. Your application file may be evaluated 'A' even if you are not awarded a scholarship and even if you specified in your application that your enrolment in the programme is conditional upon the award of a scholarship.



2. I specified in my application that my enrolment in the programme is conditional upon the award of a scholarship. I am, however, asked again to confirm my intention to enrol in the programme: what should I answer?


Students whose enrolment is conditional upon the award of a scholarship shouldn't confirm their intention to enrol in the programme before they are sure they will actually be able to enrol.



3. I applied to QEM1 and QEM2. My QEM1 application was evaluated "A", but my QEM2 application was evaluated "C". Does this mean that I can't proceed to the second year? / Is acceptance to QEM2 "automatic" for those accepted to and successful in QEM1 in the previous year?


QEM1 is for entry to the first year of the two-year programme. Those admitted to the first year are expected to proceed to the second year provided that they are in good academic standing (i.e. have attained a GPA greater than or equal to 3.0 in the first year). A 'C' evaluation for QEM2 has no bearing on your status within QEM1 and additionally has no bearing on your proceeding to the second year of the programme after you satisfactorily complete the first year.


The entry to the second year of the QEM (QEM2) is only possible for first-year (QEM1) students who have satisfied the requirements. The program is not accepting students for the QEM2 without being students of the QEM1.