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 Mobility Track

12.1. Why is there no mobility track specified in my 'A' evaluation email notification?



You may have received an 'A' evaluation email notification without any mobility track specified. This usually happen if you are not selected for a scholarship, if you figure on the waiting list for a scholarship or if your scholarship status is still in process. Your mobility track will however be set once you confirm your intention to participate in the program.



12.2. Can I ask for a change in my mobility track?


When you are made a conditional offer (i.e. when your evaluation grade is 'A'), you are proposed a mobility track. Your possible confirmation of intention to participate in the Master QEM program means acceptation of the proposed mobility track.

The Deadline for submitting requests of all mobility changes for the two years is September 15th of the first year. These requests must be sent to Opens window for sending

Only the students without the Erasmus Mundus scholarships are concerned by this deadline.