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 Certified copies by mail




1. I have sent my paper materials by mail. Can you confirm the receipt of these documents?

As we get many applications, we cannot inform each student if their paper documents are received or not. If you are a highly qualified candidate and a document is missing, we will contact you to ask why they have not been provided and request that you provide them.



2. What do you mean by a certified copy?


This question has many answers due to the international nature of our programs. In general, we require a copy (not an original, because the documents will not be returned) made by an official source authorized to make a copy of the document in question. This official source for the copy varies depending on country. For instance, copies of university documents in the United States are the duty of the university notary with a university seal. Meanwhile, the Police normally certifies copies of university documents in France. In other countries, one pays for a licensed notary or possibly a government office. Due to this diversity, we do not have a single standard, but require a certification from an appropriately qualified, official, and confirmable source.



3. For standardized test reporting (GRE, TOEFL), what is your school code?


We are not part of the network for automatic reporting connected with the GRE and such tests, so there is no code. A paper copy of the score must be sent to:


QEM Erasmus Mundus Master

B14, Maison des Sciences Economiques

Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne

106-112 Boulevard de l'Hopital

75647 Paris Cedex 13, France



4. Should I send all my documents to Paris irrelevant of the university I would like to apply for?


Yes, all information will be gathered at the University of Paris.


5. Can I send the paper documents by express mail?


We have no preference on a particular mail service. However, we do not have a full-time staff that is present all the working day, so try to avoid services that require a signature confirmation. A signature confirmation in no way guarantees confirmation of receipt by us, as one of our neighbor offices might have signed for the mail, so please do not use one.