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 Arriving for the Welcome Week

1. What do I do now that I'm in the Program?



Arrival services for administrative and logistic procedures will begin in Paris as the coodinating institution.



One week in Paris at the beginning of the first year to cover (i) the specific administrative and financial issues of the two-year programme and (ii) support for the specific aspects of life in the university and the city (which will also be offered in the other universities). (i). It includes administrative, banking, financial, taxes issues related to the fellowship for the two years since they will be managed in Paris (and paid by the French Bank CIC during the two years): reception of foreign scholarship holders and invited guests. Specific support will be given to legislative and administrative aspects regarding Law on immigration for non EU-citizens related to the official status of Erasmus Mundus student from third-countries. Finally, each student will finalize his/her study programme covering the two years.



(ii). It concerns legal, linguistic and administrative assistance and distribution of a welcome package containing academic, administrative, stay permit, health insurance coverage, bus-pass, and tourist material. An introduction to the university facilities (library, sports, and computer facilities) and visit of the involved faculties will be organized by faculties and former students; moreover, a dedicated team of students volunteers (supported by the International Offices) will assist the Erasmus Mundus students in the logistic associated in their mobility. Also offered is language support in various government offices involved (Police Headquarters, Banks, Post Office, etc.). In all consortium universities accommodation to Erasmus Mundus students will be provided or supported by University Housing facilities.