Other financial aids

The following sources of funding are open to self-paying students. Students considered as self-paying are either funding their studies, getting financial support from family or friends, or receiving financial assistance from an external funder to the Erasmus+: Erasmus Mundus programme. Below are some available funding resources for self-funded students:


Erasmus+ scholarship: 


Admitted students can obtain an Erasmus + grant for the mobility of one or two semesters in one of the QEM partner universities. Granted by the European Union, The amount of the Erasmus+ grant depends on the type of mobility (study stay or internship) and the country you are going to. The amount is generally between €150 and €500 per month, depending on the mobility. Ask the international relations department of your establishment to find out the amount of the allowance that will be paid to you during your stay.

The Erasmus+ mobility grant can be combined with the grant based:

  • on social criteria, 
  • supplement "inclusion" of a certain amount if you meet a list of criteria (In France, for instance, be in a situation of disability or long-term illness or be a grant holder based on social criteria), 
  • as well as with the Aid of international mobility.


Some other financial help can be obtained relying on the conditions of accumulation and the aid offered by the local authorities. 

Ask our QEM local administration of your hosting university (or the international relations office of your hosting University) to learn more about the Erasmus+ mobility grant allowance amounts, deadlines, application procedures, and more concerning the precise procedures for combining European, ministerial, regional, municipal, etc. aid.


French grants

The French Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Le ministère français des affaires étrangères) awards numerous scholarships to foreign students. 25% of these scholarships are funded directly by the ministry as part of the Eiffel programs (for studies at master's or doctoral level) or Campus France scholarships awarded by the French embassies abroad.

Inquire directly with the Espace Campus France in your country to find out which scholarship programs apply to you.



Scholarships, grants, fellowships, and other student funding search engines:


Many funding search engines deliver easy access to information on funding programs from the Eurodesk database and funding sources, European Community funding programs, National programs and agencies, Financing from national and regional authorities, Private sources of funding, Internships in European institutions, International scholarships, and Various competitions/prizes.


Below are some of them that may help you to find the financial aids you are looking for to cover some or fully your study costs: